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HTML Framework Project

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HTML Framework Project

Postby Le Sage » Sun Aug 31, 2008 6:27 pm

Just fell on this today : wrote:Welcome to the HTML Framework Project. Our first task on this 18-week journey is to find out how UI Developers and Web Designers define an HTML Framework and what their thoughts are on the subject.

* What is an HTML Framework?
* Do you use an HTML Framework?
* Have you created your own HTML Framework?
* Should we standardize class names (.head vs. .header)?
* Are frameworks for HTML even a good idea?
* Is there one single perfect HTML Framework?

These are just a few questions to kick off the discussion. Right now, questions are just as important as answers. Please leave your thoughts in the comments of this post, as this is a community-driven project and it won’t work without your contributions!

Note: This is the first phase of a six-phase experiment to define, collect, select, refine, standardize and publish a group of HTML frameworks to suit the many requirements of UI Developers. Read more about the project.

Are frameworks for HTML even a good idea?

Well I don't see the point in that, but maybe some people do. I want to write HTML, I can use KompoZer, Notepad, even generate some HTML with JavaScript, arg.... bad...; or a server-side language as PHP, JSP, JSF, ASP.NET, which is definitely necessary for pro-quality website according to me (how do you factorize code without server-generated HTML ? - JavaScript & frames are not allowed answers :wink: ).
Should we standardize class names (.head vs. .header)?
Using <header> to put a bit of semantic would be better ! :wink:
Do you use an HTML Framework?
I use a JavaScript engine (jQuery), is it similar ?
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