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A suggestion concerning href & src.

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A suggestion concerning href & src.

Postby amyderpydear » Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:04 am

Hi Guys!

I just sent this proposal off to the mailing list, but was wondering what everyone else thought of it.

I am a fairly amateur web-designer, but my partner teaches web-programming as his livelihood.
Introductions aside, there are a few things that bug me about coding, the following is one of them:

I wish to make the following suggestions on web standards.

When linking to external .css and .js the following tags are often used:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" />

<script src=""></script>

both of these methods for linking external .css and .js work.
both also make sense if you understand the history of web development.
that is, .css and .js are both differenf technologies.
both evolved seperately and have their own history.

however, todays standards integrate html, css & javascript.
there is an ongoing commitment in the online community to provide better coding standards.

This issue really gets on my goat as, yes, as a Kopimist I like to CTRL + C & CTRL + V my code.
I also am one of those people that likes to code everything in notepad++ (I <3 the note-tabs).

I went and proposed this to the mailing list:

so, why not the following?

<link href="" rel="javascript" />


<style src=""></style>

neither of these work, because as it stands neither language has implemented these.

so, what I wanted to propose that both be implemented to help evolve web standards.

<link href="" rel="" /> could be used for both .css and .js files hosted externally.
href meaning hypertext reference.
this could open up linking to styles and scripts on other peoples servers.
in this way it aids collaboration between online communities.

<script src=""></script> would remain as it is, and its preferred use be for embedded script content.
<style src="></style> the style tag would have to adopt the src="" capacity to enable linking.
other than that the style tag already works by itself for embedding content in the header.

both of these technologies are important and I am not dismissing either,
rather I wish to see both evolve to the fully capacity within which they could be utilised.

the href would become a hypertext reference for documents outside of a persons own domain;
whereas src would point to sources hosted within a persons own domain.
this would also mean that people could do file/linking/short.hand instead of typing full addresses.

What do people here think/feel about this?
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