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Proposal: Multiple Input Devices, GPS Sensors

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Proposal: Multiple Input Devices, GPS Sensors

Postby chrisd » Wed May 09, 2007 3:11 pm

* What is the problem you are trying to solve?
Future devices have multiple input device and sensors (multi-touch screens (iPhone), acceleration sensors (Wii), gps sensor) and this data/events should be accessable with ecmascript in a crossbrowser way. Keycodes are not enough, because they are only 1/0.

* What is the feature you are suggesting to help solve it?
It would possible to improve the usability of homepages for users which use the www on small devices without mouse or keyboard but with an embedded acceleration sensor and a multi-touch screen. I don't think about the iPhone in special, but also Tablet Pc's and devices mobile phones with GPS sensors. So it would also be possible to create web-based navigation devices.

* What is the processing model for that feature, including error handling? This should be very clear, including things such A javascript object, like the as event timing if the feature involves events

A javascript object, where a listener could be subscribed to, for
- x/y acceleration (for example Wii-Mote)
- x/y position (for example Joysticks)
- multipoint (which are many x/y positions, for example Lenovo X41)
- gps position (for example embedded in mobile phones)

I haven't invested time in thinking about event timing or error handling, but could if somebody likes the porposal.

* Why do you think browsers would implement this feature?
No direct pressure. But I think the parties behind IE or Firefox would want to create location based advertisment. There is also a privacy issue around if the browser exposes your exact position. I think that could be solved by displaying warning messages and ssl certificate checks.

* Why do you think authors would use this feature?
Because they could improve the usability of their websites. If the GPS sensor is accessable in javascript, location based services become possible.

* What evidence is there that this feature is desparately needed?
3D acceleration sensors are already built in in many devices (Nokia 5500, Sharp V603SH, Nintendo Wii)
Users can't deal with the added complexity by the limited input devices. Browsing the www or reading the mail on the phone is no fun.

In case you ask, I have no monetary interest in that, I'm just a student dreaming of an web based e-mail where I can flip through by tilting the phone and a canvas drawing area where I can draw with 3 fingers and post it to a blog ;)

Greetings, Chris
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